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S Aitchison 2016

I had a successful VBAC with no drugs none what so ever, Thanks to Claire :)

When I got pregnant with my second daughter, I decided to do my best to have a natural birth after my first cesarean. I wanted to give myself every chance of success, so I researched, researched, researched. I found out about Doulas and interviewed five before I found Claire. What drew me to Claire was her pragmatism. The other doulas I met felt like they had a ‘natural birth at all costs’ attitude, and many gave me the impression that they expected conflict with the medical staff when questions about safety came up. The obstetricians were neutral about my attempt for vaginal birth but weren’t very supportive of it. My husband and I wanted to have a good crack at a natural birth. We were more than happy to get out of our comfort zone, and happy to press up against the comfort zone of medical staff, but we didn’t want to cross the line into an unsafe birth.

As soon as we met Claire, we knew we had found the person who would forever be bonded to us by sharing one of the most beautiful experiences of our lives. Her knowledge, compassion, and genuine caring were immediately apparent. It was clear that she was happy to support us under our terms, and that having her at our birth could only help our goal of a safe VBAC.

After 10 hours of labour, and an hour and a half of pushing, I thought I had reached my limits. The medical staff were talking among each other about preparing for cesarean, because they just couldn’t see me pushing the baby out. The obstetrician started to talk very seriously about it, but Claire suggested we slightly change my position and keep pushing. There was no safety issue yet, but I swear I have never been more exhausted in my life. It was only Claire’s unshakable confidence that I could do it that kept me going. 20 minutes later my daughter was born. Would you believe she was 1 pound heavier than my first daughter, and the reason my obstetrician recommended a cesarean for my first was because he said my pelvis was too narrow. (Really!)

I will always cherish that birth. My first birth was a magical experience too, but my second was that and more. I know it sounds funny, but I feel so proud that I had a natural birth. It was really hard - in hindsight it felt impossible - which made the experience all the more fulfilling. My cesarean really knocked me off my feet, but this time I was fully present for the first month of my daughter’s life.

I have no doubt that Claire was the difference between my birth being the amazing experience that it was, versus potentially something else. Claire gave me this experience. My husband’s first reaction when I mentioned a doula was incredulity, which I imagine is a common reaction, but now he feels as grateful as me that we met Claire. If you are tossing up whether to get a doula, I’d say ABSOLUTELY do it if you can afford it. If you are tossing up whether to use Claire, let me save you some time and tell you that you have found someone amazing. Just meet her, you’ll know after your first meeting.

E. Hocking 2015

"When we found out we were expecting a baby we felt all the usual emotions of excitement, nerves and fear. However, the whole birthing experience was not one I was looking forward to and it had started to take over my excitement and all I was focused on was this, in a very negative way.

A friend in Canada recommended a Doula to me, as they are big in America and Canada although I had not heard of one before.

After researching, I knew this was the right thing for us. We narrowed our search down to 3 Doula's from and after speaking with all 3 over the phone Claire was clearly the best match for us.

The entire process was so easy and Claire always went above and beyond in every way for Jared and me.

I went from totally fearful to feeling empowered, educated and prepared. Our birth was a wonderful experience and I am sure I would not have had the same positive experience if it was not for Claire's knowledge and support."

C Fanning 2008

When I began thinking of getting a Doula, I imagined someone to help me through labour. I never imagined someone like you.... What you have given to me and my small family is infinitely more precious than any words can describe. Throughout our visits your practical advice, non-judgmental ideology & compassionate values have shone through and made me feel more capable, strong, confident & feminine than anything any other people have done. While I was in labour you were perfect, and I don't believe I would have made it through drug-free without you. You were my pain relief. Your EVER so practical advice & help through my initial difficult breastfeeding stage was exactly what I needed to calm me down from the stressful feelings I was experiencing. I cannot express how much you mean to us. We will love you forever as our friend, our guide, our Doula.

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