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Eat Pray Doula DONA Training

People say I am a patient woman, I now admit that I am. My desire to attend EPD began in 2013, I purchased the DVD “Gorilla Midwife” and after watching that deeply moving doco I wanted to meet Robin Lim. I also had a deep yearning to meet Debra Pascali-Bonaro, who I knew worked closely with Robin. I tried to go to EPD in 2014, but things did not work out. So as a gift to myself for my 50th Birthday, I decided that 2017 was it.

I was a little anxious, I had never traveled on my own outside Australia before and I was concerned about the hot weather in Bali, but my anxiousness was soothed with such a warm welcome and the heat was cooled with many refreshing dips in the pool. I was the first of our group to arrive at “The Peace Kitchen” which was to be my EPD home for the next 9 days, Mala, one of our teaches met me with the greatest smile and the most heart-warming embrace, I instantly felt welcome and at home. I settled into my room and then was delighted to meet a few of the women who had completed the previous workshop, but were leaving the next day. It was hot, humid and the fan at night was like a gentle breeze that help you fall off to sleep. As the women began to arrive, I was guessing who would be sharing my room, and was blessed to meet Katharine from the USA. Excitement was building as more and more women began to come together to bond, share, and learn in a most loving and empowering space.

Being a Doula has so many rewarding and fulfilling moments, but, there are also times where you feel challenged, misunderstood, alone, frustrated, dog tired, and burnt out. It was so great to meet Doulas from around the world and to sit at the feet of amazing teachers and soak in the love that abounds at Eat Pray Doula. I had done Doula training before, and enjoyed it, but this experience in Bali was my Mt. Everest of Doula training, and there are so many contributing factors that enabled that experience for me. My desire to meet and know Debra and Robin on such a close and personal level was paramount, then my love of learning new and helpful skills to share with my clients was also met but what was the overriding highlight of the whole EPD experience was the sharing of love and knowledge and the relationships you make with the women who share that space with you.

So, yes, I’m hooked, EPD will be on my radar for many, many years to come. It is my jug filler, when my cup feels empty EPD can fill it to overflowing. My heart felt expanded, my personal stories of my own birth experiences felt
heard, validated, and respected, something that I had not experienced before. Robin and Debra, [and guest teachers] Mala, and the beautiful Puspa, our incredible teachers, have left their love imprint on my heart and I will treasure the memories and experiences I had at EPD 2017 for years to come.

I encourage you, dear friend, if you would like to see what EPD is all about, consider investing that time and value the nurturing experience in yourself, for me it took 4 years to get to Bali, patience paid off for me, and as with so many other experiences in my life it was perfect timing.

With abundant love,
Claire Wyborn

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