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I am a qualified and active Doula, I am constantly expanding my knowledge and understanding of birth, with different skills and workshops related to women, pregnancy and birth. I am also a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, this has provided me with an incredible resource of information and access to evidence based research that is often hard to find amongst all the material “out there” related to pregnancy and birth.

My own births included 2 incredible homebirths, sadly, a stillborn, and by choice an elective cesarean. I know pregnancy, labour and birth comes with many mixed emotions, it is my goal to help normalise this experience, and support you to make the best decisions surrounding your care and birth options.

My focus as your Doula is to provide a memorable, fulfilling and rewarding experience for you and your partner, by encouraging you to trust yourself, to trust your body’s ability to grow, birth and nurture your baby.

All the births of my children have taught me valuable principles, the main one being – that women need positive supportive women with them when they are birthing their babies. These experiences have also taught me to be understanding, accepting, non- judgemental and respectful of every woman’s journey and choices throughout pregnancy, labour, birth, and parenting.

About A Special Delivery

The word “Doula” doesn’t sound like it has much to do with a woman giving birth, but everything about what the word means, does.

Its origin is a Greek word, which means maid servant, or female helper. As a Birth Doula, my role is to lovingly support and care for you as you prepare to birth your baby. A Doula is skilled in assisting a woman during labour with different positions and options for pain management, using massage, breathing, and calm birth skills with gentle words of encouragement.

A Doula is usually a mother herself, with personal birth experiences. A Doula or birth support partner does not replace the care and experience of a Midwife or Obstetrician. The purpose of a Doula is to provide one-on-one continual physical and emotional support, to the birthing mother and her partner, assisting you with evidence based information and supporting your decisions.

A Doula believes that birth is a normal natural process, and although some women may have difficulties giving birth, mostly women who have continuous support during labour and birth find that they are *more likely to have a normal vaginal birth, *less likely to have unnecessary medical intervention, *less likely to have medical pain relief, *more likely to achieve a VBAC, and are *less likely to have a cesarean. They are also *more likely to have a positive birth experience.

As a bonus, often their *labours are shorter, there is a *considerable decrease in postnatal depression, and by supporting the “MotherBaby” unit in the first hours after birth, *babies are less likely to have complications with breastfeeding and the *bonding process between Mother and her Baby is well established.

A Doula also supports the mother to have a voice during her pregnancy, labour and birth. Supporting her to ask questions and to make informed decisions about her body and her baby. Doulas can also enhance the relationship between you and your care providers.

Purpose of A Special Delivery

The choice to hire a Doula ensures that the birthing mother has constant support by someone who is committed to helping her achieve the goals she has for her birth, and her baby.

As your Doula, it is my commitment to you to provide you the best care possible, the most up-to-date evidence based information, to encourage you and I look forward to helping you achieve the birth experience you feel is right for you and your baby.

“Your baby deserves to enter the world gently into a loving, supported and safe environment”

Claire Wyborn

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